Establishment Branch





Role and responsibility:

            The establishment branch is the back bone of the office wherein deals with the service matters of the employees and officers of those who working under the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District. It deals with employee’s promotion, transfer, retirement, pay fixation, leave, seniority list etc.  Personal files and service books of the Gazetted officers and Non-Gazetted officers and other employees of the office are maintained. Details of information are as below:

  1. Post creation: Submission of proposal for creation of various type of posts for the smooth function of the District Headquarter
    • Gazetted officer Group A & B post such as DC, ADC, EACs, COs and other Head of officers of all line departments in the District.
    • Non Gazetted Group-B post like H/A, Sheristadar and Group-C post like UDCs, LDCs, MTS and Contingency post etc.


  1. Post continuation:
  • Submission proposal for continuation of the posts every year to Govt. for obtaining concurrence of the finance etc.
  1. Appointment of the employees:
  • Filling up/appointment of 50% of the vacancies of MTS post as per RR and Contingency post under the establishment DC.
  1. Personal file:
  • Personal files are maintained in establishment in respect of the Gazetted officers, Non-Gazetted officers and other employees of the office.
  1. Service Book:
  • Maintaining Service books of the Gazetted officers and Non-Gazetted officers and other employees of the office.
  1. Increment:
  • Granted annual increment every year in the month of January and July on the basis of the employee’s date of appointment/joining, promotion and financial up-gradation under MACP Scheme.



  1. Seniority list:

Separate seniority list are maintained for the post of UDC, LDC, MTS and Contingency & ALC staff.

  1. Transfer/Posting:
  • Transfer and postingof officers, staff and deployment of MTS/Peon under administrative jurisdiction of concerned DC as and when necessary.
  1. Promotion:
  • 50% vacancies of UDC posts are to be promoted from the serving LDCs as per the eligibility criteria of the RR and the post of H/A and Sheristadar are also to be promoted from the senior most UDCs serving under the establishment of the DC as per the eligibility criteria of RR.
  1. ACP/MACP:
  • Modified Career Progression Scheme introduced by the 6th Pay Commission a modified version of ACP Scheme applicable to all central Govt. employees in all groups. Three financial up-gradations allowed to the employees under MACP Scheme on completion of 10, 20 and 30 year of continuous service counted from entry grade are maintained as per the rule.
  1. Pay Fixation:
  • Fixation of pay on the event of new appointment, promotion to the higher post, granting of financial up-gradation under MACP Scheme and up-gradation/enhancement of the pay of particular post etc.
  1. Leave:
  • Maintaining records of all kind of leave availing, earning and deduction etc of the employees of all groups under the establishment of DC.
  1. Retirement:
  • Calculation of Retirement benefits and preparation of pension papers etc of the employees on attaining the age of 60 years or on event of the death before retirement.