Land Branch



  • The office undertakes survey and related work of the state and central government and general public.
  • The office prepares, maintains and updates the land records of private Individuals, Govt. Departments and NGOs.
  • The office initiates land allotments / Land Possession Certificates and settlements of government lands and issue periodic leases to land allotment holders.
  • It assesses, collects and realises land revenue from the private land allottee and from the government departments
  • The department initiates the transfer of land allotment orders for Govt approval.
  • The department initiates Mortgage Certificates, Non-Encumbrance Certificates against land allotment for Govt approval.
  • It issues Land Availability Certificates to all concern.
  • The Branch also works on the acquisition of land to state and central government.
  • The Branch also attends land disputes arising among land allottees through court hearings / proceedings.
  • The Branch also receives and responds to RTI of all land matters from private individuals.