Water Resource Division


Service provided:


  • Survey and Investigation of major water resources in the state and planning for its utilization.
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation works.
  • Flood Control and construction of flood protection works and maintenance thereof including training of rivers.
  • Command Area Development and related works.
  • Land Protection for agricultural purpose.
  • Water Shed Management.
  • Construction of Development buildings/approach roads to irrigation and flood control departments complexes.
  • Plasticulture in Irrigation.
  • Establishment participatory organizations in irrigation management with particular reference to command area development.
  • Exploitation of ground water, Irrigation, acquisition and deployment of pump sets drilling mechanism ring for irrigation purposes.
  • Pricing of Irrigation Water, evaluation of mechanism for self-managed command areas.


 Address of WRD Office:

  • Chimpu


Contact No:9436049042-Techi TopuTara(EE,WRD)