Capital Police


The Capital Police is dedicated to the service of the people of Arunachal Pradesh regardless of their caste, creed or language. Its aim is to prevent and detect the crime, protect life and property and maintain public order by enforcement of law.
Its main concerns are the preservation of Human Rights and dignity and maintenance of harmony among various tribes and Communities. Its vows to ensure fairness and transparent in its working.
To fulfill its mission, Arunachal Police is committed to provide a quality work environment and effective leadership.


Motto: “Capital Police at your Service.”



Jimmy Chiram, IPS

Superintendent of Police, Capital Complex

It is a privilege to lead the Arunachal Pradesh’s Capital Police who have the mandate of maintaining law and order and preventing crime in the state capital to instill a sense of confidence and security among the people, and also serve as a role model for other police forces of other districts in citizen service delivery and community participation therein. Capital Police has a glorious track record in all areas of policing- law & order, crime prevention and detection, safety and security of women and children, VVIP security, traffic management etc. Being the capital of our State, Capital also faces many unique situations to deal with. The maintenance of law & order and prevention of crime, however, always remain the core areas to be focused upon in order to ensure that peace and order remain intact and citizens live without fear, which is the goal of good governance. A focus on the core areas would also entail safety and security of women, children, senior citizens, vulnerable groups and sections of the society which are our priorities. The state’s capital is a melting pot of populations from various parts of the state who reside or travel here. It will be our sincere effort to instill the sense of security among all sections and groups and promote harmonious living. Our personnel will continue to involve the community in participative policing. Citizen-centric service delivery and prompt and just redressal of public grievances will be among our top priorities too. In the times of the COVID pandemic, while focusing on core works, our police is also committed to protection of public health and therefore, it will ensure pandemic appropriate measures from time to time in public interest. Citizen cooperation is sine qua non for effective and result-oriented policing to achieve a better society to live in. I seek your cooperation to make our capital more secure and a city to be proud of.