Capital Police


The Capital Police is unwavering in its commitment to serve the diverse populace of Arunachal Pradesh, transcending distinctions of caste, creed, or language. Our mission is clear: to proactively prevent and detect crime, safeguard life and property, and uphold public order through the vigilant enforcement of the law.

At the forefront of our priorities lies the preservation of Human Rights and dignity, as well as the cultivation of harmony among the myriad tribes and communities that constitute our vibrant society. Our solemn pledge is to uphold fairness and transparency in every facet of our operations.

In pursuit of our noble mission, the Arunachal Police is resolutely dedicated to fostering a work environment of the highest quality and providing effective leadership. Together, we stand as guardians of justice, unity, and security, shaping a future where every individual can thrive in an atmosphere of safety, respect, and equal opportunity.



Motto: “Capital Police at your Service.”



Superintendent of Police, Capital, Itanagar (Capital Police)

Leading the Arunachal Pradesh Capital Police is an esteemed responsibility, charged with upholding law and order, and curbing crime to instill confidence and security among our citizens. We stand as a beacon, setting the standard for police forces across districts, championing citizen service delivery and community engagement. The Capital Police boasts a commendable track record in diverse policing domains, including law enforcement, crime prevention and detection, safeguarding women and children, VVIP security, and efficient traffic management.

As the epicenter of our state, the capital encounters unique challenges, demanding a steadfast commitment to maintaining law and order. Our unwavering focus on this fundamental aspect ensures the preservation of peace, allowing citizens to live without fear – the cornerstone of good governance. Beyond this, we place a premium on the safety and security of women, children, senior citizens, and vulnerable groups, aligning with our core priorities.

The state capital serves as a melting pot, housing diverse populations from various regions. It is our sincere endeavor to cultivate a profound sense of security across all segments of society, fostering harmonious coexistence. Our personnel are dedicated to involving the community in participative policing, emphasizing citizen-centric service delivery, and ensuring prompt and just resolution of public grievances. In the ongoing backdrop of the COVID pandemic, our police force is committed not only to core responsibilities but also to safeguarding public health, implementing pandemic-appropriate measures in the interest of the community.

Effectively achieving a safer society requires citizen cooperation, an indispensable factor in our mission. I humbly seek your collaboration in making our capital more secure, transforming it into a city we can all take pride in. Together, we shape a future where safety, harmony, and pride define our shared space.