Roles and Responsibility of Member Secretary, APMC

  • Function and to carry out duties and powers as given under section (46) of the Act.
  • Attend all meetings of Market Committee or sub-Committee or a joint committee or an ad hoc committee.
  • Advise Market Committee and its Chairman in the light of the provision of the act, Rules and Bye-Laws framed the act and the directions of the Government or the Director of Agriculture Marketing issued from time to time and the previous decision of market committee.
  • To carry out the provisions of Act, Rules and Bye-Laws made under the act and the instructions of the Government or of the Director of Agriculture Marketing and the decision of market committee and of the Chairman, consistent with the provision of the act, the rules and the bye-laws to effect maximum improvement in the market.
  • To see that communications addressed to market committee by the Government and the Director of Agriculture Marketing is dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Subject to the provision of Sub rule (6) the Member Secretary shall be responsible for carrying on the day to day working of the Office of APMC, maintenance of accounts, and enforcement of the Act and the safe custody of the cash, the common seal, the Minutes book and other records and the assets of APMC.
  • To publish and circulate from time to time the data of arrivals and rates of agricultural produces standard-wise brought into the market area for sale as prescribed.
  • Issue license and renew license for trading in Agriculture and Allied sector.