The Nazareth Branch works under the direct supervision of Deputy Commissioner assisted by one Nazir (Dealing Assistant). The Nazareth Branch take care of the official needs of the Office and Official residence of DC, Capital viz Stationeries, Computer equipments, etc.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of yearly/ monthly requirements of various branches.
  • Calling quotations for procurement of various items through open tender/ Limited Tender Enquiry/ Spot Quotation, etc.
  • Procurement of Stationeries/ Office equipments/ computer accessories etc for various Branches through selected Firms. All the stationeries/items are procured centrally and distributed to Branches as per requirement (on placement of Indent).
  • Maintaining records of the items provided to various Branches.
  • Maintenance of inventories of DC Office & DC’s residence.
  • Procurement of POL for DG sets of DC Office & DC residence.
  • Minor repair and maintenance of DC Office/ DC ‘s Residence.