PHE & WS Division Itanagar


Roles & responsibilities:


  • Provides safe and clean drinking water facilities to the general public in both urban as well as rural areas of its jurisdiction.
  • Undertake field survey data collection, preparation, execution and maintenance of schemes once they get approval from the competent authority.
  • Identification of water sources and channelization through pipes upto the Water Treatment Plants.
  • Treatment of raw water and transportation through various networks of pipes.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of various vital water supply installations/assets by trained manpower for supply of uninterrupted water to general public.
  • Supply of water to the general public through water tankers during lean season.
  • Conducting Campaigns, Meetings, Seminars involving general public for protection of Water sources/Catchment areas.
  • Make Contingency plan with men and materials for immediate restoration of water supply.


3 (Three) Water Treatment Plants managed by the Dept.


  1. Senki View Water Treatment Plant under Itanagar Circle.
  2. Rakap Colony Treatment Plant under Naharlagun Circle.
  3. Water Treatment Plant at Bath Village under Sangdupota Circle.


Office Address: O/o the EE PHE & WS Division Itanagar ,Senki View, Itanagar


Contact No: 9436042464 (TadarMangku,EE)